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IGM Adds Golfing Practice Facility Near Reflection Bay

In early 2019, the opportunity arose for IGM, Reflection Bay’s maintenance contractor, to build a golfing practice facility on a nearby green space in the Lake Las Vegas community. The new practice facility was designed to renovate four remaining holes from the former course (The Falls) to create a driving range, along with practice holes, greens, and bunkers.

June 4, 2019|Construction, Golf Maintenance, Management, Renovation|

Saving the Honeybees

Bees are extremely sensitive to pesticides, and both golfers and non-golfers have expressed concerns about pesticide usage on golf courses. With a long-standing commitment to healthy environments, IGM protects and fosters the bee colonies to show how environmentally-friendly their golf course maintenance operations are.

May 29, 2019|Environmental|

Golf Maintenance Client Earns Environmental Recognition

Sandridge Golf Club, with its long-time maintenance contractor IGM, retained its environmental designation as a "Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary.”

July 26, 2018|Environmental, Golf Maintenance, Uncategorized|

Outsourced Golf Course Maintenance Keeps Municipal Properties Alive

Municipally-owned golf courses have long been an issue of discussion. What is the balance between public entertainment and public needs? How do the costs of golf course maintenance and management reconcile with revenues? Are there hidden costs and benefits? Subsidy

May 4, 2018|Golf Maintenance, Municipality, News, Uncategorized|

Water Efficiency Project Completed at Silver Lakes Country Club

When the California Mojave Water District implemented a “cash for grass” program, Silver Lakes Country Club and IGM jumped on the opportunity to upgrade Silver Lakes to greater water efficiency standards. IGM is a leader in comprehensive golf course maintenance services and is committed to providing high quality services that are environmentally conscious.

February 22, 2018|Environmental, West Coast Courses|

We Know Golf

Golf is our business, all day, every day. While we are experts in turfgrass, fertilizer, soil and sand, irrigation systems, and mowers, we are also experts in the business operations of golf. We understand what drives course revenues, ROI, and economies of scale. We have built a team of professionals with unmatched experience in golf course operations, management, planning and budgeting, and operational best practices. We know what it takes to run a successful golf course, so we work with our customers to lower their maintenance costs while improving course playability, appearance, and sustainability.