New Year’s Resolutions and the Benefits of Golf

It’s 2024, and the resolutions have been made. Before you start making excuses, consider this: playing golf might help you achieve several goals. That’s right, the benefits of playing golf coincide with some common New Year’s resolutions for both men and women.

  • More exercise is often top of the list, and a round of golf can provide it. Skip the cart and you can achieve a 6+-mile walk. In addition, swinging the clubs is great for flexibility and muscle tone.
  • Enjoy nature by spending time on the golf course. Take note of the wildlife you see, as well as the landscaping and plant life. Golf course maintenance workers take pride in maintaining these, with attention to environmental conservation.
  • Meet new people or spend time with friends can be fulfilled on the golf course. It’s a great place to meet people and build community. Invite friends to play a round or strike up a conversation with someone new.
  • Self-improvement. You can count the character-building that is inherent in golf’s honor system for scoring.
  • New to golf? Take some lessons from the golf course pro and see where it leads.
  • Less stress. See above. Exercise, socializing, and nature are all natural stress relievers.

Living in a golf course community adds even more benefits, including increasing home values and improving the community aesthetics. While the course provides a wildlife habitat, it also discourages the pests they eat. A well-maintained golf course also filters and absorbs rain and runoff, prevents topsoil erosion, and discourages invasive plant species.

IGM is proud to be the golf course maintenance provider of choice for numerous golf course communities, as well as for private clubs and municipal courses. The company is committed to agronomic excellence and environmentally conscious methods and products. To request a consult, please contact Greg Plotner, Executive Vice President, 407-589-7200. Additional information may be obtained by visiting IGM’s website at