Why Outsource Golf Maintenance?

Why look to hire someone else to take care of your golf course when you already have people in place? See for yourself why you would benefit from hiring International Golf Maintenance (IGM) to take care of your golf course.

If you are a golf course owner or operator looking to reduce expenses while ensuring quality playing conditions, it would be wise to consider hiring IGM. 

Our Experience and Agronomic Expertise
In our 30 years of business, IGM has provided an extra set of eyes to many course owners and operators like you. We can help you find ways to improve playing conditions and find savings in your budget. While maintenance costs are a club’s largest expense, the expertise needed to maintain a golf course is completely different than managing business operations. A golf course demands specific knowledge of soil, turf, irrigation, turf products, climate, and more to thrive; IGM has it.

IGM understands the business side of golf and will work closely with you to create a budget that works for you and to develop long-term improvement plans. We will guarantee a maintenance budget that offers stability, with no unexpected overruns, as well as leverage our staff, equipment, and bulk buying power for every course we maintain.

Staffing and Human Resources
Managing the Human Resource function of a golf club is a significant expense. Frequent turnover adds dollars and can hurt consistency in club and course operations. When necessary, we bring in an experienced superintendent familiar with the club’s environment. We hire and train all our maintenance employees in our methods and expectations. We also manage the payroll and human resource functions for these employees, including workers’ comp. When starting a contract with a new course, we encourage applications from current maintenance employees who wish to join the IGM team and can meet our standards.

IGM’s professionals are trained in all aspects of turf management, with experience in multiple geographies and environmental conditions throughout the US and the Caribbean. For more information on IGM and the professional golf course services we can offer, please contact Greg Plotner CGCS, Executive Vice President, at 813-230-2837.