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International Golf Maintenance (IGM) is a full-service golf course maintenance company, overseeing day-to-day agronomic operations for our clients to ensure the best possible golf course conditions within their maintenance budgets. As an outsourced service, we often hire and then train existing maintenance employees to our standards. This unique partnership gives golf course operators a new freedom to focus on running their golf courses to full potential – and have complete confidence in course conditions and customer satisfaction.

Full Service

We can help you reduce your course maintenance costs through efficiency.

Cost Reduction

Since 1994, courses from across the nation and in the Caribbean have trusted their maintenance operations to IGM – we deliver top value and service.

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Project Management

We are prepared and equipped to manage all day-to-day course operations.

Strategic Planning

From consulting and strategic planning to course renovation, we have the tools to manage your projects smoothly.

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We support golf course superintendents from across the country in every area and aspect of their jobs.

Consulting & Interim Course Management

Overseeing day to day operations to ensure the golf course maintains sustainable growth while in transition.  

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Why are IGM customers so satisfied? Because they are assured of receiving the greatest value in golf course maintenance – we guarantee it!


Our Core Values

Since 1994, IGM has taken pride in delivering top value and quality service to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Contact us today for a consultation and see what we can do for you!

From Our Clients

“We have found IGM’s expertise, collaboration, and service to be outstanding. They are responsive to questions or concerns and are sensitive to our budget. IGM has delivered the results we desire, and we highly recommend their services.”

JIM D LEE • VICE-PRESIDENT - Lake Ashton Golf Club

“I saw unbelievable changes in the first year, year and a half of IGM’s original maintenance contract. I liked the way Mike was looking out for the health of the course for years to come, not just a quick fix.”

MIKE O'NEILL • DIRECTOR of GOLF - Chicopee Country Club

“IGM executives have been responsive to our budgeting process and timeline. Our course is in excellent shape, and members are extremely pleased with the service and value we receive. I recommend IGM to other golf clubs in need of comprehensive maintenance services.”


“Our relationship with the IGM leadership team has been collaborative and successful. Our members and guest golfers frequently comment on the excellent playing condition and appearance of our entire ground’s campus, which is critical to our success.”

CHERAMY KRUEGER • GENERAL MANAGER - Bear Valley Springs Association

“I would recommend, without hesitation, IGM to any facility seeking a professional golf course maintenance company. We have partnered together throughout the years in several projects. Much of our success is attributed to IGM’s standard of excellence in the golf course maintenance industry.”

BELA NAGY • DIRECTOR OF GOLF - Sandridge Golf Club

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When our courses succeed, we succeed – check out our press releases, news, course updates & more.

Golf Course Maintenance

Do you have education or background in agronomics or an interest in working outdoors and seeing the fruits of your labors? We’d like to hear from you, and we employ golf course maintenance crews at courses across the country.


Every golf course in the United States is making “every day” necessary adjustments as golf course operators adapt to a new normal within our golfing communities. As a contractor of golf course maintenance services at golfing facilities across the U.S, IGM has seen how these adjustments vary widely. One thing remains the same though – golf course maintenance costs are the largest expense item on the budget for most clubs.

international golf maintenance

At IGM, our agronomic professionals work hard to maintain healthy, attractive, and environmentally appropriate golf courses for our clients year-round. In times of emergency, we stay in daily contact with clients to ensure we are meeting their needs as situations change.



Our unique partnerships give golf course operators a new freedom to focus on running their golf courses to full potential – and have complete confidence in course conditions and customer satisfaction.

We Know Golf

We Know Turfgrass, Fertilizer, Soil and Sand, Irrigation Systems, and the Business of Golf. We have built a team of professionals with unmatched agronomic expertise, as well as experience in operations, management, planning and budgeting, and operational best practices. We know what it takes to run a successful golf course, so we work with our customers to lower maintenance costs while improving playability and appearance.