Outsourcing Golf Course Maintenance

Golf courses are major business investments, and the top priority for golf course owners – whether private or municipal – is to achieve financial sustainability and success. Numerous factors contribute to that goal, including golfer retention, competitive prices, appealing amenities and grounds, all while lowering costs when possible. This article focuses on how outsourcing golf course maintenance to IGM can reduce management expenses.

Outsourcing such a large budget item may seem counterintuitive, but the knowledge a professional maintenance firm delivers can pay for itself. How?

Economies of scale

The most obvious tool is economies of scale. Golf course maintenance is more than mowing; it’s also placing sand and sod, planting, aerating, irrigating, fertilizing, and more. Because IGM has contracts across the country, we also have preferred vendors and purchase high quantities of products. Bottom line: IGM gets better pricing, which we pass on to clients as we work with clients to develop a maintenance budget.

Expertise with diverse conditions

IGM’s success is based on sound agronomic principles and knowledge. We know the best sod for varying conditions, how to prepare golf courses for snowstorms or hurricanes, techniques to ensure appropriate irrigation levels in drought or rain, as well as mowing heights and factors that ensure prime playability and appearance. Our professional expertise helps us do the right job, the first time. Owners can avoid over-purchasing products or making mistakes that are costly to repair.

Training program

The crew on the course is vital, and we train our grounds crews in our field-tested and proven methods. An experienced IGM superintendent oversees each client golf course and works closely with the course manager and owner. Training even includes proper care of the golf course maintenance facility, which protects equipment and increases productivity.

Client-first approach

IGM’s commitment to our clients starts at the top. Executive team members strive to build positive relationships from initial proposal, through planning and budgeting, and throughout contract renewals. They are readily available to clients. Regional superintendents make site visits on a regular basis, and course superintendents are on-site daily or easily accessible. IGM employees are also trained in our customer service expectations, treating your golfers and customers as our own. Our goal is to make golf course owners successful, and treating golfers well aids retention and revenue.

HR management for employees                    

Managing human resources is another large expense that can often be reduced by outsourcing golf course maintenance. When IGM contracts with a golf course, we hire the maintenance employees and provide their compensation and benefits, including workers compensation coverage. (At the beginning of a new contract, we interview and frequently hire current employees who are interested in remaining with the course.) Because IGM has centralized human resources and accounting personnel managing these services, we can reduce expenses for our clients, as well as free their time for other priorities.

Full club management capabilities

In addition to golf course maintenance operations, IGM offers full club management to clients. We have experience in running golf courses, plus our corporate human resource, information technology, and financial services departments are equipped to take on these operations. Again, we can often reduce expenses by centralizing these support functions and providing customer service training to all staff.

Your bottom line is your top priority, and outsourcing golf course maintenance can make good business sense. IGM takes pride in developing client relationships that deliver results for owners of golf courses, golfers and the communities in which we work.

IGM provides complete golf course maintenance and management services to municipal and privately-owned courses in markets across the country. The company is committed to agronomic excellence and environmentally friendly methods and products. For more information on IGM and the professional golf course services offered, please contact Greg Plotner, Executive Vice President, 407-589-7200. Additional information may be obtained found here.