At IGM, we’re golfers, too, and we appreciate the natural beauty decking the entrances, club houses, and walkways of the golf courses we play and maintain. Our knowledge of turf grasses, pesticides, and fertilizer extends to native plants, blooming shrubs, and decorative trees. Intentional ornamental landscaping is not only attractive but can also reduce soil erosion and noise.

The agronomic side of golf course and landscape maintenance is serious science, but the curb appeal of golf courses is important to attracting players and tournaments. A healthy business depends on healthy revenues, and successful golf courses depend on satisfied golfers and increasing rounds of play.

IGM’s clients include privately-owned clubs, municipal owners, and homeowners’ associations, and we use our expertise to help achieve their business goals. Services include:

  • Manicuring and irrigating greens, tees and fairways
  • Maintaining the ornamental landscaping throughout the property
  • Applying appropriate and environmentally-sensitive turf products to plants and turf
  • Maintaining and repairing equipment
  • Detailing the golf course and landscape areas as needed
  • Hiring, training, and managing our on-site staff

First impressions matter, and visually appealing golf course landscaping can set the tone for a great round of golf. IGM cares for our golf courses from the main entrance to the 18th hole and we do everything possible to ensure that we are using environmentally appropriate golf course landscaping and course maintenance practices.

To learn more about IGM’s comprehensive golf course landscaping services, please call 800-413-5500.