Does it really make sense to outsource golf course maintenance to IGM when you can hire your own crew? Let’s dive deeper by exploring these questions:

  • Are you able to solve turfgrass problems swiftly and efficiently without interrupting business?
  • Do you or your course superintendent have agronomic education or certification?
  • Is your crew up-to-date on irrigation techniques, water regulations, and conservation?
  • What do you pay for bulk products, such as turf grass, fertilizer, or pesticides?
  • Are you using well-maintained equipment that’s designed for your terrain?
  • How much time do you spend managing payroll and benefits?
  • Do you have adequate time to devote to building revenues?
  • Are your customers satisfied with playing conditions?

IGM brings to the table expertise, knowledge, and support to make your job easier and less costly. Here’s how:

  • IGM was founded by experienced golf course superintendents. Our leadership team has agronomic backgrounds, and clients benefit from our knowledge and experience with various climates and golf course conditions.
  • IGM hires and trains maintenance crews in our model of best practices to ensure consistency and quality in everything from mowing to effective irrigation practices.
  • IGM earns economies of scale in purchasing products – savings that are passed on to clients.
  • We help you plan and budget for capital improvements, such as new mowers and irrigation systems, when needed. In the meantime, we maintain your equipment or bring in our own.
  • By employing the maintenance crew, IGM takes on payroll, occupational licenses, workers’ comp, and other human resources functions.
  • Golf course owners and managers typically thrive on promoting their courses to golfers, tournament organizers, and others who will ensure the property’s financial viability – not on worrying about maintenance.
  • High-performance playing conditions are a key driver in attracting golfers to a course; achieving that is our goal.

IGM is built on quality customer service and helping clients achieve their goals, within their budgets. Contact us at 800-413-5500 or to discuss how we can be a cost-effective option for your golf course maintenance needs. Learn more at