The business of operating golf courses is multi-faceted, requiring management of employees, operating a clubhouse, providing a positive experience to golfers, ensuring steady revenue in varying climate conditions, and adhering to health and environmental regulations, among other responsibilities. And the success of the enterprise revolves around a single high-end asset that presents a host of specialized needs.

This is where IGM takes the weight off an owner’s shoulders: golf course maintenance is our business, 24/7. As former golf course superintendents, we not only understand the industry, we also understand agronomics:
• the right turf grass for the climate
• irrigation methods and water use regulations
• variations in sand and soil products
• optimal combinations of fertilizers and pesticides, as well as their safe use
• awareness of the impact of chemical products on the larger environment

The IGM team’s years of experience offer a unique depth of knowledge in planning, budgeting, and securing economies of scale. We work with you to ensure your course is in top playing condition for your peak season and to plan improvements that fit in your budget. As an outsourced golf course maintenance company, we also hire and train the maintenance crew and take on all the human resource responsibilities of payroll, worker’s compensation, and benefits management.

The appearance and performance quality of a golf course is vital to the property’s success. The majority of golfers say these qualities are significant factors in their course preferences. Investing in top-notch maintenance pays off in satisfied golfers playing your course.

By partnering with IGM to handle maintenance operations, golf course owners and managers have more time and energy to focus on their core business. Easier, right? Contact us here or call 800-413-5500 to learn more about how we can lighten your load.